The DRFN being a non-profit organization depends on funding from external sources to implement some of its activities.
If you wish to make a donation towards the work that the organization implements, please make use of these banking details.
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“Namibia is a country that is primarily arid to semi-arid, as is about 30% of the globe. How can sustainable development take place in such environments? The Desert Research Foundation of Namibia was established to support research but also to address sustainable development throughout arid lands. The DRFN tackles issues ranging from water to energy to land from a human and a basic biophysical perspective, as well as undertaking awareness and capacity building necessary to support this approach”

- Dr.M.K. Seely, Founding Director

Even though the CLARE-Namibia project ended, the project has made a lasting impact-often only experienced at the end of the project cycle. This was and still is evident at the Niita Yiitula Junior secondary school in the northern part of Namibia that won the second prize during the project’s climate change school competition. The school principal Ms Victoria Nakale came up with an initiative to revive the school garden at the beginning of 2022 after being inspired by John Shekundja Combined school in Okalongo which won first place with their garden project. During April Fool's Day in 2022, the...

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Drimiopsis a small settlement in Omaheke with a very high unemployment rate especially for the youth started a recycle glass bead manufacturing project.  This project idea was birth by the dream that a Peace Corps volunteer Mrs. Susan Hammitt had, which turned into reality. The project is funded for a year under the Social Security Commission – Development Fund and employs 8 San women from Drimiopsis. The project as a registered entity  has secured a plot through the Omaheke Regional council where production will take place which includes an outlet to market products. Renowned recycle glass be...

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The Kalahari Recycled Glass Bead Manufacturing (KRB) funded under the Social Security Commission – Development Fund and implemented by the Desert Research Foundation is a recycle glass bead project. The project uses waste glass material and turn it into glass beads which are sold as is or as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. KRB employs 8 San women on a permanent basis and is situated in Drimiopsis approximately 48 kilometres from the regional capital Gobabis. Drimiopsis, a fast-growing village soon to be declared a settlement.

KRB remained a dream on paper since 2018 but came into being in D...

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For the past few decades, climate change has been making headlines all over the world. Developing countries such as Namibia are especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change, firstly due to our location on the globe that has an influence on our climate and secondly due to our low adaptive capacity as a nation. With the recent alarming 1.5 and 2-degree Celsius projections by the IPCC, countries have been trying to raise awareness about the effects of climate change and how we can better mitigate it or adapt to the changes that it causes.

As an intern at Desert research foundation of Na...

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DRFN is an implementing partner of the Th!nkNamibia https://www.thinknamibia.org.na
- Environmental Awareness, Renewable Energies, Climate Change, and Sustainable Forest Management Campaigns.
In collaboration with the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia (DRFN), the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) is implementing the ‘Promoting Sustainable Forest Management in the Kavango-Zambezi-Region in Namibia’ (NSFM)-Project that is funded by the European Union (2020 – 2023)....

The DRFN Board of Trustees is committed to comply with the Adaptation’s Fund Environmental Social Policy (ESP) and Gender which includes the reporting and lodging of complaints on harms caused by projects.

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