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  • International Collaboration in the Desert: A new Aggie Tradition

    Posted on Oct 17, 2013

    <p>Texas A&amp;M University is fond of tradition. The old saying goes: if it is done once, it is an accident; twice, a tradition. Henceforth, a new A&amp;M tradition was started this summer – a tradition of traveling 8,000 miles around the world into a sea of sand at the Gobabeb Research and Training Centre. From this tradition, an international collaboration was born.</p> <p>The partnership between the ALEC department and the Gobabeb Research and Training Centre will be on display when Mary Seely, Ph.D., Associate for the centre, will be on campus as a part of the Borlaug Seminar Series. Presented by the Norma...</p>

  • Contributing to climate neutrality of the UNCCD COP11 – Providing Pico Solar Home Systems to help Namibian students study at night

    Posted on Oct 14, 2013

    <p>Approximately 66% of the Namibian population did not have access to electricity in 2009 (Namibia report, 2012). Those without electricity mostly live in rural areas or in informal urban settlements. Illegal connections to the existing grid as well as open fires, candles and paraffin lights are often used to generate light at night. These practices are of serious safety and health concerns as they may cause injuries or even death, particularly amongst young children and elderly people. The absence of light can further reduce the ability of students to read and study at home. This may cause poor...</p>

  • Summer Desertification Programme

    Posted on Oct 08, 2013

    <p><img style="display:block; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;" src="/storage/app/media/uploaded-files/58c9001e49bcf.jpg" alt="SDP" border="0" width="600" height="362"></p> <p>The Desert Research Foundation of Namibia (DRFN) and Gobabeb Research and Training Centre (Gobabeb Centre) is inviting students and recent graduates from the University of Namibia (UNAM) and Polytechnic of Namibia (PoN) to apply for participation in the Summer Desertification Programme (SDP). Students from all faculties are invited to apply.</p> <p>The objectives of the programme are to equip Namibian students and recent graduates with experience and training in integrated sustainable land management through applied research approaches, critical thinking and problem solving.</p> <p>The theme for the 2013/2...</p></p>

  • SADC training workshop

    Posted on Oct 07, 2013

    <p>The aim of IWRM Community Projects is to strengthen the capacities of local communities to apply IWRM through the adoption of a practical approach of “learning by doing”. The community projects are designed to directly improve livelihoods and focus on initiatives such as water supply, water sanitation and hygiene, water storage, disaster risks reduction, and small scale irrigation, among others. The purpose of this project will be to demonstrate the benefits of IWRM to promote peace and security reduce poverty and improve climate resilience within the context of shared watercourses. The projec...</p>

  • 2013 Farouk El-Baz Award for Desert Research

    Posted on Oct 07, 2013

    <p>The DRFN is proud to announce that Dr Mary Seely is the recipient of the 2013 “Farouk El-Baz Award for Desert Research”. Dr Seely will receive this prestigious award during this month Annual General Meeting of the American Geological Society in Denver/Colorado. The Farouk El-Baz Award for Desert Research was established in 1999 by the GSA Foundation as a Division award administered entirely by the Division. Dr. Farouk El-Baz, Research Professor and Director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University, contributed the initial endowment for the award.</p> <p><img style="display:block; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;" src="/storage/app/media/uploaded-files/58c900372a24c.jpg" alt="Seely" border="0" width="600" height="400"></p> <p>The award is given annually for ...</p></p>

  • Eco – Newsletter 26 September 2013

    Posted on Sep 25, 2013

    <p><a href=""><img src="/storage/app/media/uploaded-files/58c9003d79bae.jpg" alt="" title="issue9" width="764" height="347" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-2735" srcset=" 764w, 300w, 624w" sizes="(max-width: 764px) 100vw, 764px"></a></p> <p><a href="">Download Here</a></p></p>

  • Eco – Newsletter 25 September 2013

    Posted on Sep 24, 2013

    <p><a href=""><img src="/storage/app/media/uploaded-files/58c90043794c8.jpg" alt="" title="issue 8" width="759" height="345" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-2730" srcset=" 759w, 300w, 624w" sizes="(max-width: 759px) 100vw, 759px"></a></p> <p><a href="">Download Here</a></p></p>

  • Eco – Newsletter 24 September 2013

    Posted on Sep 23, 2013

    <p><a href=""><img src="/storage/app/media/uploaded-files/58c9004979f8a.jpg" alt="" title="issue 7" width="762" height="344" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-2726" srcset=" 762w, 300w, 624w" sizes="(max-width: 762px) 100vw, 762px"></a></p> <p><a href="">Download Here</a></p></p>

  • Eco Newsletter 23 September 2013

    Posted on Sep 22, 2013

    <p><a href=""><img src="/storage/app/media/uploaded-files/58c90054a978d.jpg" alt="" title="issue 6" width="761" height="328" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-2722" srcset=" 761w, 300w, 624w" sizes="(max-width: 761px) 100vw, 761px"></a></p> <p><a href="">Download Here</a></p></p>

  • Eco – Newsletter 20 September 2013

    Posted on Sep 19, 2013

    <p><a href=""><img src="/storage/app/media/uploaded-files/58c9005a689e9.jpg" alt="" title="issue 5" width="761" height="370" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-2718" srcset=" 761w, 300w, 624w" sizes="(max-width: 761px) 100vw, 761px"></a></p> <p><a href="">Download Here</a></p></p>

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