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The two days capacity training wassponsored by ASSAR and held in Onesi. The training group comprised of the ConstituencyDevelopment Committee (CDC) members, ASSAR representative; Ms. Ester Nangoloand the facilitator; Mr. Patrick Sam. The highly interactive group was enthusiasticabout the training and showed great interest in bringing visible change withinthe constituency, especially now that the CDC roles and responsibilities areclearly explained and understood. To most members, this was the first capacitytraining received and the group urged ASSAR continue supporting the CDC. 

The group further requested for moreinformation on climate change impacts and adaptation particularly to Onesi. Atthe end of the training, a CDC work plan was developed and availed to the CDCmembers as one of the training outcomes. The group is looking forward to thenext training with ASSAR on climate change messaging to take place in June.


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Posted on Apr 26, 2017

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