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Napcod book2

“Proud of our deserts: combating desertification
An NGO perspective on a National Programme to Combat Desertification”

by Mary Seely and Sharon Montgomery.

The DRFN has the pleasure to launch this new book presenting the outcomes and impacts of Namibia’s Programme to Combat Decertification (Napcod) seen from an NGO perspective.

Napcod arose out of needs identified at independence in 1990, incorporated into its constitution, and captured in Namibia’s Green Plan taken to Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Nevertheless, the dry years experienced in southern Africa during the early 1990s meant that drought was very much on people’s minds and drought relief was expected. Taking a lesson from the media, desertification and the potential expansion of the Namib and Kalahari Deserts were integrated into the discussion.  The conjunction of these three elements provided the background for Napcod, initiated in 1994 under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism with funding from the German government.

This publication documents the experiences of the ten-year Napcod programme and its longer term influence, its successes, failures and challenges, and summarizes as best it can the lessons learnt – all from the viewpoint of the primary implementing NGO.

A pdf version of the book can be downloaded by clicking here.

Posted on May 07, 2012

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