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Drawing lessons from the implementation of the project titled: “Building the Capacity for Participatory Democracy and Development for Improved Access to Water and Sanitation Services”, which is funded by the Embassy of Finland and being implemented by the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia (DRFN) in partnership with the Anti-Corruption Commission of Namibia (ACC) and cewas, a public dialogue was convened on 10 November 2015 with the aim of sharing and reflecting on the implementation of the Integrity Management Toolbox as a resource tool to optimize the institutions business model and eventually it’s performance by integrating integrity considerations into its’ day-to-day operations.

Integrity Management Systems are an instrumental element of corporate governance and work two-fold: on one hand, they can be used to communicate values to employees and thus create a positive work climate and improve motivation. On the other hand, they provide instruments to detect and manage risks as well as to prevent and sanction violations of rules. The present Integrity Management Toolbox aims at raising awareness among various institutions that transparent, ethical, as well as legally and regulatory compliant practices increase efficiency and performance. This makes it easier for companies to include integrity aspects into their regular quality management approaches.

Presenters included representatives from the DRFN, ACC, Oshikuku Town Council and Namibia Institute for Democracy (NID).

This public dialogue was attended by Policy makers, Local Authorities, practitioners, civil society organisations and the general public.

The dialogue received both television and print media coverage

Ambassador of the Embassy of Finland

Ambassador of the Embassy of Finland

DRFN Head of Water Programmes

DRFN Head of Water Programmes

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

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