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E-CAP: Local Authority Support in Gibeon and Stampriet through Performance Support Team approach.

Based on an approach piloted in Kalkrand, the Performance Support Team (PST) was implemented in Gibeon from 30 May – 01 June 2011, and in Stampriet from 27-30 June 2011.

The local authorities were visited with the aim of discussing challenges and finding solutions for them pertaining to water supply, sanitation and solid waste management in their respective areas.

Meetings were held with both the village secretary and acting CEO of both local authorities; the village council staff; councilors; as well as the community. Some of the identified challenges are listed below:
– Cost recovery
– Maintenance of vacuum sewer system
– Poor workmanship on sewage systems
– Collection chambers not protected
– Blockage of collection chambers

– Lack of technical skills
– Information management
– Staff shortages
– Boreholes on private property (in Stampriet)
– Effectiveness of prepaid metering system

Furthermore, a survey on water supply and metering systems was conducted in both local authorities, in order to determine the condition of the water meters; accuracy of registered water consumption; and leakages at meters and on private property. Preliminary assessments of the vacuum sewer systems in the two local authorities were also carried out.

As was done in Kalkrand, operational plans were made to map out how these challenges could be overcome. This was followed up by regular visits to the three village councils (Kalkrand, Gibeon and Stampriet) to support them in the implementation of their operational plans.


Leakage of a conventional meter on private property in Stampriet


Pin board illustrating challenges identified by the village council staff, councilors and the community in Gibeon

For more information contact: Fransiska Nghitila

Posted on Oct 10, 2011

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