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The DRFN had the privilege of hosting Vanda Kujbus a Masters student from the University of Copenhagen, in Denmark for 3 months (April-June 2017). During her stay in Namibia Vanda was thrown in at the deep end of the Livelihoods Support Programme (LISUP-4); which is now in its fourth phase on implementation for her Masters thesis.

The objective of her research study was to examine the use of traditional plants for food in the three resettlement farms of Donkerbos, Drimiopsis and Skoonheid, and assess what is still gathered when as well as when these plants are harvested, and lastly look into the various methods of harvesting and preparations.
Furthermore, the study was also to investigate which plants are no longer in use but still hold cultural significance, evaluate their nutritional values and times that they are available, (with regards to elements of land degradation and climate change). Based on the results the aim of the research is to design small scale agriculture projects for small gardens and fields in the area.

Vanda is still busy compiling her report, which will be shared on our webpage upon completion.

To get insight on her journey during her research please visit her blog at:

Posted on Sep 11, 2017

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